Friday, 4 July 2014

The Mythical Maze

This Saturday sees the launch of The Mythical Maze, the summer reading challenge.

I can't wait! When the kids were younger, we'd sign up every year. Not that they need much encouragement to read - my two always have read a lot. They're too old now, of course. And discovering a whole library full of adult books and classics. (By adult, I'm not talking X-rated!)

I signed up recently at the library as a storyteller, with a view to getting involved in the reading challenge. The scheme is being launched in my town this weekend and I'm going to be doing storytelling sessions every Wednesday bar one through the summer holidays. Me - excited? Just a bit!

This morning, I went round the house, looking for suitable things to read. And I realised we don't have those 'younger' books any more. Horrid Henry, Spy Dog and Astrosaurs - even the occasional Daisy Meadows fairy book - have gone, replaced by Alex Rider, Skulduggery Pleasant, Time Riders, The Great Gatsby, Noughts and Crosses, Sister Missing...

(I do have a few of the old favourites stashed away...I can't part with Peepo! or Cat in the Hat. Or the signed copy of Spy Dogs from when Andrew Cope, the author, came to visit school...)

I've found a few I can use. As I said, the theme this year is Mythical Maze, which lends itself to stories about all sorts of fantastical creatures and fairyfolk. So I've got The Hobbit, where all the dwarves arrive at Bilbo Baggins' house; Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, when Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback hatches; Under the Mish-mash trees by Dick King-Smith. I'll have to grab an Artemis Fowl from the library to read about the not-so-cute fairies...

I'll let you know if I've any voice left after an hour of reading on Saturday evening.

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