Thursday, 24 July 2014

I've finally made the papers!

I've been trying since March to get something in our local paper about having published Granny Rainbow, with no success. On the third attempt - I'm in!

Granted, this time I sent in a picture. And the report actually focuses on the upcoming KLiCbait story, set in a local pub, as well as the storytelling sessions I'm doing at the library. Presumably 'cos that's three news items for the price of one as it features a local pub... but Granny Rainbow and me are in.

Would you believe that two pages further in, in the same issue of the paper, I'm also in a photo that was taken at the open meeting about the centenary celebrations for Ladybird Books?

Huh. Press reports. Like buses - you wait for ever for one to turn up, then two come along at once!

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