Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Say 'Cheese'...

This Friday, I'm heading into Leicester for a photoshoot. I'm sure it won't be as glamorous as it sounds; it's in a pub for a start.

Remember the KLiCbait volume 1 I mentioned a while back? I was one of the lucky ten selected to write a short story to a specific theme for it - Moon Rocks is my title. Well, all the authors are going to have their photos taken for it. Originally, we were all going to be photographed in the pubs we'd chosen to set our stories in, but plans have gone awry and so the ten of us are being split between two pubs and a couple of photographers.

I don't know Leicester city centre that well, so had no idea of where 'my' pub is. I've arranged to meet one of the KLiC folk at the train station. Apparently, he'd always wanted to be the person at arrivals, holding up a placard with a name on it. I, on the other hand, have always wanted to have a secret symbol. Y'know, like a carnation in the buttonhole or a rolled up Guardian under my arm.

We settled on 'Look for a short, silver haired lady with a rainbow bag and a toy gorilla, arriving at 2.30pm'.

Yep. Really. You just couldn't write this stuff, could you?

And the monkey? He features in the story - but you'll have to wait for publication day to find out how...

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