Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Granny Rainbow Day

Yesterday, I had a Granny Rainbow day.

No, I didn't make marmalade. No, I didn't drink gallons of tea - hot Ribena's my drink of choice at the moment. And no, I didn't spend the day mixing magical potions from powders, though it would've been really brilliant if I had!

Instead, I spent the whole day working on 'More Granny Rainbow', the second collection of short stories about Granny and Old Tom and several new characters that I know you will LOVE to meet. And yes, that IS the title: More Granny Rainbow. I didn't fancy Granny Rainbow 2, though that's how I've been referring to it!

It meant writing a few emails: to the wonderful Imran Siddiq, who is creating the cover for me again. It will be similar to the original (can't have Granny Rainbow without her rainbow stripes) but there'll be some subtle changes so you can tell it's a different book. To Panda Eyes, the publisher, so I knew what the ISBN number would be. And to Laura (my fabulous illustrator) so that she could begin creating a coloured version of the Mayoress (a new character in the competition winning story idea, Granny Rainbow and the Blue Bees) which will be part of the prize.

Then...I made the last few changes to the text. It's not formatted ready for printing yet, as I've yet to add the pictures and get some-one to proof-read it, but I'm happy with the stories. Folks who've had a sneaky peek at the early stages have made suggestions for improvements which have (mostly) been incorporated, so I reckon they'll stand up to scrutiny.

So. Just a few loose ends to tie up, a phone call to the printer, and we'll be away on more adventures with Granny Rainbow!

Will you be coming along for the ride? I hope so!

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