Sunday, 18 January 2015

Fan mail!

It was a big day for me last Thursday, announcing the news about StarMark. But what really put the proverbial cherry on the cake wasn't the real one in my celebratory Babycham the same evening - it was an email.

Remember I wrote a while back, about Granny Rainbow being used in the classroom? Well, the email came from one of the children at St Michael's C of E Primary School in Pelsall. (Her Mum and I are old friends from uni - I'm not sure that anyone would have mailed me otherwise. Although if any readers of Granny Rainbow do want to mail me, they can do so using

Anyway, here's what it said:

Hi Katherine,
At school we are writing our own made up chapter of granny rainbow with granny, tom, marmaduke and mrs fluffy and our own made up character based on our own colour all because of your granny rainbow!!!
every one is enjoying it!
From S xxx


I'm looking forward very much to reading some of these chapters. Who knows, perhaps the class can produce their own classroom version of a Granny Rainbow book? D'you reckon they'd send me a copy, signed by all the authors? Wouldn't that be something?

You know, THIS is why I write; to enthuse children and help them experience the magic of the written word, whether by reading it, hearing it, or writing it. In the case of St. Michael's, there are some very talented teachers who've been essential to adapting my book for use in the classroom: I take my hat off to you.

It's so affirming to hear from the readers. There may be a future author among these children, someone who will look back and say 'I decided to become a writer when I read Granny Rainbow...'

I am one very happy Squidge.

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