Thursday, 15 January 2015

Got something to tell you...

I think you might have picked up that I was thinking of self-publishing StarMark? (For those who don't know, it's a children's novel I wrote some years ago. It landed me an agent for a while and was sent to a few UK publishers but was not deemed either commercial or strong enough to be picked up.)

Well, I need to tell you that I will NOT be self-publishing StarMark.

Because... Dragonfeather Books, an imprint of Bedazzled Ink (a US publisher), have offered me a publishing contract for it!

It's official! My first full length novel for children - StarMark - will be published later this year! 

*pause for squeals of delight, general merriment and champagne*

*happy dancing*

To say that I am excited is an understatement.

I don't think I actually believed that anyone 'official' would ever want to publish me, based on my past record. I thought my only way of being an author was to self-publish, because my novels are apparently 'too nice' and 'not competitive enough for the current market'. Numerous rejections had made me scared to go down the traditional route any more - I hated how that process made me feel.

It was Granny Rainbow who changed everything.

She must've slipped a potion or two into my tea, because not only has she given me the confidence to self-pub a collection of short stories about her, she's also boosted my confidence in the material I write because kids loved her! (And their parents. And grandparents. And teachers.) I didn't need to worry what the 'big boys' thought any more - Granny Rainbow sold - is still selling. (So much so, I'm planning to publish the second collection in the first half of this year.) She made me realise that I could succeed, in a small way, at this writing lark.

If I'm honest, I think I only took the plunge and sent StarMark to Bedazzled Ink because I'd already begun to lay the groundwork to self-publish the novel. I had nothing to lose if it wasn't picked up - and at least I could say I'd tried. However, much to my delight and surprise, BInk said 'yes, please!'

And you know what's amazing about all of it? I came scarily close to leaving StarMark in the drawer I'd put it into after it was turned down.

Something about it kept niggling at me though. I believed in this story - and not just because I'd written it, or because I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, or because I can't tell when to let something go. I'm not that blinkered about what I write. StarMark is a good story, and I believe young readers will enjoy it. That's why I took it out of the drawer, dusted it down, polished it up and sent it off.

So I'd love it if you, dear Scribbles Reader, would join me in a virtual toast to Bedazzled Ink, Dragonfeather Books, and to the start of what I hope will be wonderful future for StarMark.



  1. Cheers indeed Squidge - and well done for your persistence.

  2. And cheers to you, Squidgers! I can't tell you how pleased I am for you! Look forward to celebrating your success in March xxx

  3. Delighted for you, Squidge. Brilliant news - cheers!

  4. Well done sis, look forward to reading it!

  5. Wheeeeeeee! Well done, Squidge! :-D

  6. Such good news Squidge!!! A toast to you and your next book. X x

  7. That's just the best news! And a great post, I was really worried there for a moment...

  8. Oh that's so wonderful Katherine, it's proper brought a tear to my eye! Congratulations - persistence pays off!

  9. Thank you! And you're not the only one, Jackie!

  10. Great stuff, belief is my new buzzword this year, and you demonstrated why.

  11. Great news - it was all worth it!