Sunday, 1 March 2015

Early writing

My Mum dropped in today, with something she thought I'd like to have; it proves that I had storytelling blood in me, even at an early age.

The first thing she showed me was more of a letter than a book - a mini-school report I wrote for myself. I'm not sure what the real report looked like for me at this age (Mum reckons I was 6, going on 7 when it was produced), but apparently when I started school aged 5, my teacher collared my mum and accused her of teaching me to read because I was always in the book corner, reading to myself (or my classmates) and sounding words out. I was probably reading something like this:

Or maybe even this:

Anyway, I don't know what happened to the 'number' side of things I mention - I can do enough maths to get by, but would never say I'm good at it! I do know I still like to tell my stories from a story chair though...

The second thing she showed me was a book I'd written about 'The Boy and Jesus; An Easter Story.' Judging by the handwriting (joined up!) I must've been a junior by this point. I obviously had a lot to learn about selecting titles, because 'The Boy' never even appears in the story. And there are some theological puzzles too; Easter Day is apparently 'the day before Jesus rose after his crucifixion', and there was some bloke called David hanging around with the 'desiples'.

My vicar would have a fit... Good job I know the story a bit better now!

Ah, well, we all had to start somewhere on this writing lark...

Tell me, what's the oldest piece of YOUR writing you've kept?

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