Monday, 23 March 2015

Granny Rainbow's Workshop

Ever wondered what Granny Rainbow's workshop looks like?

'Her workroom was just inside the front door. It was a small room, brightly lit and lined with hundreds of narrow shelves. The shelves were filled with bottles... and the bottles were crammed with coloured powders. Old Tom stared in amazement and tried to name them all in his head... turquoise, cerise, vermillion, citrine, ochre, sapphire, ruby, lime, primrose, russet... In the end, he ran out of words to describe them all - he couldn't believe so many colours existed!'

I was playing on google images today, searching for shelves of coloured powders, and came across a photo on the Old Holland Classic Colours website - they have been manufacturing artists' pigments for something like three centuries.

It's exactly how I pictured Granny's workshop...

What do you think? And funnily enough, in More Granny Rainbow, Granny has a case for carrying small bottles of powders, just like the one in the bottom right hand corner... 

For the third book, I think Granny's going travelling...

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