Thursday, 3 December 2015

Beta reader time...

I have just finished the third edit of King Stone.

*waves pompoms, cheers loudly, then slumps into exhaustion*

It's taken me a month - NaNoEdMo - but I am really pleased with the result. The novel has ended up just short of 50,000 words, which isn't bad for a children's novel. I daresay I could've padded it out a bit, but I'm not going to fiddle any more - for a while at least... The story is complete, and I'm happy with it.

Now, it's time for whole-novel-beta-reading by other people. *gulp* (And, perhaps, a celebratory snifter of ginger wine this evening because I've done what I set out to do and cleared the decks in time for the editing of StarMark!)

So, anyone fancy a read?


  1. Prom poms waving....yes, I will gladly beta read for you. Send it over. X