Thursday, 31 December 2015

The turning of the year

I'm not one for celebrating New Year as such; it's an artificial deadline with a lot of hype surrounding it. I've only ever felt a significant New Year when we reached the millenium; I had a five-month old baby at that time, and it all seemed Very Important. (Was probably still the baby hormones...)

What're we doing this New Year's Eve then? We've got some friends coming for tea who may stay into the evening, but whether or not I stay up to see midnight is another matter. (If T and J have their way, I won't get a choice. I think I've forgotten what it was like to feel the excitement of staying up until midnight as a teenager. Nowadays, I'd prefer to be in bed.)

Mind you, I can understand why people lay so much emphasis on the new year. I've seen others experience some really tough times over the last twelve months - of course they're looking forward with hope for better things to come. Equally, I can understand those who may be fearful of the future, worried about circumstances beyond their control and the situations they might find themselves in.

And of course, there are Resolutions. Why it has to be tied to the new year, I've no idea - any resolutions I've ever tried to keep in the past have, I'm sure, been harder to stick to in January, when it's cold and dark and everyone's feeling the downer that inevitably follows after the excitement of Christmas. And mine are always so unrealistic; the only one I managed to keep was when my resolution was to get the bathroom painted, years before the kids were born.

2015 was OK. Nothing majorly bad happened. Several really good things occurred. Long-term plans came to fruition with the house. On balance, it's a good one.

2016... Well, I think it'll be the year I have to be brave. For several reasons:

1. I will be travelling on my own to a country that is so far out of my comfort zone, you wouldn't believe.

2. There may be medical intervention regarding a health issue, but we won't know for a little while yet.

3. StarMark will be available for anyone in the world to purchase - and then review - on Amazon. That's really scary.

4. I will have to begin another novel and the thought of that blank page...

There's no way of knowing how things will turn out, of course. There will, no doubt, be some very good things that happen in 2016 - and some not so good things too. You can't expect everything to go your way all the time, but the trick seems to be to keep going, whatever the year throws at you.

So I suppose that's my wish for myself at this turning point of the year; for strength to deal with whatever difficulties arise, and time to recognise and make the most of any good stuff. My wish for you - that you have what you need over the next twelve months.

See you in 2016!

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