Monday, 22 August 2016

Don't forget the competition!

The holiday snaps have begun to trickle in as peeps share with me where they've been reading StarMark. I've decided to extend the deadline to the 14th September, as I realise some schools are still out for the summer until early September, so if you'd still like a chance to win, then check out the rules and enter!

And great news - I've had feedback from StarMark's first young male reader! L, who's almost thirteen gave it a literal thumbs-up and told me "'It was really good - I read it in a week!" So I now know that StarMark appeals not just to girls (as you'd expect from having a female MC) but potentially to boys, too. And Mums. And Grandmas. And Dads...


If YOU enjoyed StarMark, please tell your friends about it or consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads to spread the word.

Enjoy what remains of your holidays xx

Squidge, sailing and StarMark...

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