Monday, 25 January 2016

Been there...and back again!

Well, wifi was a bit sketchy while I've been away, so I didn't manage to post on the Scribbles as I'd hoped. Those who are friends with me on facebook will have seen some of the photos I shared, and I will blog about some of my experiences - just not yet.

The body is still recovering from the journey and my mind is trying to readjust to UK life, especially as Mr Squidge had the much needed op on his back last Friday and is now officially at the start of a long recovery period (at least 6 weeks, restricted mobility). Thank God the op appears to have been successful - my challenge will be to stop him doing things he shouldn't while trying to keep him occupied enough so he doesn't get bored...

Anyway, I am back, am processing all that I have learnt and experienced and will share it with you when I'm less tired.

One of the three huge welcome banners in Pudukkottai village

It had to be done...
Hoping there's one somewhere without me blinking...

(Mind a novice sari purchaser, I didn't realise they were sold with a 'blouse bit'; an extra piece on the sari length to enable you to make a matching blouse. Trying to tuck an extra metre of fabric round my waist was something of a challenge for Sarah - Rev Benjamin's wife - who dressed me! Now got to practise at home so I can wear a sari for the talk at church...)


  1. There's a new skill to learn - sari dressing. I'm sure you need a completely different minds set!

    1. It looks fairly simple, but I imagine it's not to begin with. I bought two saris; one, the pink silk one I'm wearing in the photo. The other is chiffon, so I'm working on the theory it'll be a bit more forgiving if I don't get the pleats quite right...!

  2. Fab, Katherine, good to see you got back okay. I don't suppose you managed to smuggle one of those posters back? I bet you were all in awe when you saw them. x