Thursday, 14 January 2016

Today's the day...

The case is packed.

I'm ready to go.

And yet...

It doesn't feel real. I can't quite believe that tonight, I'll be on that plane, at the start of a journey that will take me thousands of miles from home and family and into an exciting, scary, wonderful new experience.

The last 24 hours have been manic - not least because Mr Squidge needs surgery on his back quite urgently. And he's been booked in for a date prior to my return. Cue lots of organising of lifts for the family (the back's so bad Mr S can't drive at all) and priming the kids on how best to support their dad and look after themselves.

At least I know I'll be coming back to an immobile hubbie, lots of busy evenings (T is in two shows, running over consecutive weeks) and a long rehabilitation period after that. It would've been a lot worse had things got so bad, Mr S needed to be rushed in as an emergency - which we have been told is a real possibility.

Can't do much about it all while I'm away - I have to trust and pray that things will run smoothly and that the surgery is a success. And blogs might be a little thin on the ground, even after I come home.

So...I'm going, with trepidation and anxiety, but secure in the knowledge that there'll be one who'll oversee everything both here and in India over the next ten days and we have lots of prayer support.

Stay well and stay tuned for the next big Squidge adventure!

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