Friday, 8 January 2016

Preparations and packing

I'm finally beginning to get excited by the thought that - in just over a week's time - I'll be in Southern India.

We've had the itinerary through, I've a pile of medication growing in the bedroom (just in case!), a folder full of paperwork, and I've started to collect things that might be suitable for gifts (balloons, pencils, notebooks etc). I have a lovely new journal (thanks, Mum!) and a set of small plain paper notebooks for sketching, as I'm sure there will be lots to record in words and pictures.

And then there's the 'home' stuff. I have two teenagers and a hubbie who are all quite capable of looking after themselves, but I'm trying to get as much of the Christmas washing and ironing done as I can beforehand, I need a trial run on-line grocery shop (Mr Squidge is having some terrible problems with his back at the moment so he can't walk more than 500 metres without severe discomfort) and a list of jobs like washing and ironing - and who's responsible for them!

Monday I'll fetch the case out of the loft and start packing...