Monday, 11 January 2016

Why don't things ever run smooth?

If you're a regular reader of the Scribbles, you 'll know that in just a few days time I'm off to India. Preparations are well under way, as described in my previous post., I ended up at our local Walk-in Centre.

Just what I needed.

When the alarm went off at 6am this morning, I woke and rubbed my eye; something fell in it. Now, I am prone to things in my eye, particularly eyelashes. Those I can cope with; they're big enough to see and fish out, and they're not actually too painful. I know they're there, but they don't do any damage.

Today was different. Whatever went into my eye felt like a boulder. I couldn't see anything, but every time I blinked... aaargh! I got up, gave in to the ocassional stamp of pain (you know when it's just too painful and you want to rub your eye but you can't, so you do a bit of a stampy thing instead? No? Just me then...) I made sandwiches for everyone, certain I still had something in my eye because it felt as though it was moving around...

As soon as Mr Squidge and the kids left for work and school, I went down to the Walk-in Centre.

The very cheerful male nurse had a look in my eye, couldn't see anything. But the orange drops he added indicated I had scratched my cornea quite badly, in spite of my best efforts not to rub.

Prospect? It'll be sore and take a few days to settle down. Keep washing it out with Optrex in the meantime and let it heal.

Just what I need to take to India with me...

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