Sunday, 6 October 2013

A little bit of flash - 17 Nouns

This story had to be woven around 17 nouns, taken from the 17 entries to a previous comp. The nouns are in bold...

Because of the invitation, I faced an agony of indecision. Did I dare bridge the yawning gap between us?

I only saw him yesterday.

Before the temperature had risen too high, I’d gone to the beach. I’d danced along the shingle, laughing like a child, revelling in my aloneness.

But someone had laughed with me; a man, standing on the balcony of the old colonial mansion which overlooked the river. “What’s your name?” he’d called.

Should I have answered? I wasn’t supposed to, but there was something about his smile…so I did.

Today, while I feed endless lengths of material towards the darting needle of the sewing machine, all my thoughts are of him. Of his pale skin and hair, and of the eyes which I am certain will be as blue as the sky above my head. Such a contrast to my own dark colouring.

He is a free spirit…I am tied.

“Get stitchin’!”

Marla punctuates her order with a slap, so I stitch carefully around the cuff, hiding my terror of her. My pitiful salary is hers to command…the sun seems to shine less brightly as I remember that.

So now, I am back at the river house. I am no fool; this is no courtship. I am merely an amusement, a fact confirmed when a glass is raised in a mocking toast at my approach.

Strangely, my thoughts turn to Marla. I can earn more in one night here than in a month with her.

When the man smiles, his teeth shine in the candlelight.

Picture credit: Delia Tournay Godfrey

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  1. OK Squidge - from the CD titles facing me from the shelf above my monitor: stone, Baroque, elephant.
    Loved what you have done with this one.

  2. So I have not been reading your entire series BUT I thoroughly felt like I knew what was happening and had a grasp on the characters... I didn't feel lost at all. I saw myself on that beach and looking at that charming man smiling at my from the balcony. Excellent writing :)

    1. Thanks, Tamala. Glad you enjoyed reading - there will be more later in the month...

  3. Okay! how about easel, snowflake, thigh.

    Loved this story & wish I could read more.

    1. Great choices! Thanks for joining in, Loralee.