Saturday, 12 October 2013

A little bit of flash - Advice

All based on my own personal experience... 

Primary school dress code (females).

Don’t be tempted to buy expensive items to wear at school. Buy from Primani or a charity shop, so you won’t get upset at the glue/paint/snot/pigeon poo that finds its way onto your clothing and never, ever comes off.

Wear what you want to wear, even if it’s a bit different to what is currently fashionable. Better to blaze a trail than follow the herd. (Don’t worry that the Year 6 girls don’t agree with your choices – you can get your own back when they arrive, completely overdressed, for the school disco).

Always check the back view of your reflection. You might be able to ignore it, but the kids will tell everyone about your horrendous VPL.

Do remember to wear several layers, as classrooms are either red hot and stuffy or freezing. The upside is that when you look like the Michelin woman, children just bounce off when they run into you on the playground.

Choose shoes carefully. The one day you decide to wear heels will be the day after rain, when the teacher takes the class out onto the field for an inventive lesson in spelling. 

Don’t wear anything the same colour as the school uniform if you are vertically challenged. It’s not good for morale to be told off by a dinner lady who has mistaken you for a pupil. 


  1. I had to Google VPL :-) Great advice.

    1. LOL Wendy! Hope you didn't look under images! *shudders* !!

  2. Great post and great advice! I could imagine it would be horrific to go into a classroom with VPL. Good tips, great laugh.

    1. Unfortunately Andrea, the teacher concerned (not me - I cover my behind as much as possible!) was wearing white trousers and dark undies too...
      Glad to have given you a laugh x