Sunday, 27 October 2013

The big reveal - Granny Rainbow's cover!

Well, here it is!

The cover of Granny Rainbow, illustrated by Laura Buckland and designed by Imran Siddiq!
(Huge, HUGE thanks to them for their artistic input - I am indebted to them both!)

We went through a few ideas before settling on this as a final design - we started with shelves of coloured powder bottles, (too busy), then Granny in silhouette against a lovely swirly tree background. Although fabulous in concept, that particular image was felt to contrast too much with the content and intended age range of the book.

Then we looked at using Granny's portrait, partly because when a book is illustrated, 9 times out of 10 it uses an image by the same illustrator on the cover - presumably because it gives you a flavour of what's inside. As all the illustrations are portraits of the various characters in the stories, this one felt right. There had to be a rainbow (of course!) and we've got the all important powder bottles.

Even looks good in thumbnail size!

So - what do you think? Would it catch your eye in a bookshop? Would you be tempted to suss it out for the little people in your life? (And I don't mean folk who are vertically challenged like me!)


  1. Replies
    1. Please tell me you can see the images - they're up on my screen!

  2. Slight technical hitch due to GINORMOUS file size...hopefully you should be able to see it now... *fingers crossed*

  3. Superb, Squidgers, now that really looks the biz and conveys everything about the magic waiting inside, you and your team have done Granny proud. Very best of luck with it. x