Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Don't miss your chance to 'Challenge Me'...

This is the last call for 'Challenge me' suggestions!!

I'm running a bit of a competition - the winner will receive a warm fuzzy glow and the kudos associated with the fact that their three unrelated objects were chosen to be included in a unique piece of flash fiction, written by ME and posted here, on Squidge's Scribbles!

I'm going to post all the suggestions received so far in this thread so they're all in one place...you, blog reader, have until midnight GMT today to add your own. Please bear in mind I reserve the right to delete what I deem to be unsuitable suggestions - remember I write mostly for kids.

My family will be asked to choose their favourite combo from all those received, and I'll write the story to include them and post it on the 31st October.

It was great fun last time; I wrote two stories in the end, because I promised to create something unique for the only child who joined in - and I am a children's author after all. Check out Arnie's Aerial Adventure and The Ride to Heaven Retirement Ranch to see what I made of a kiwi, flying elephant and snowman, plus a cowboy hat, rocking horse and zimmer frame...

Let's see what you can come up with this time round - over to you!


  1. So far, the suggestions are:

    easel, snowflake, thigh (Loralee)

    baroque, stone, elephant (Sandra)

    tin of beans, Granny's bloomers, ticket to see One Direction (BazBaron)

    pint of milk, an industrial furnace, a single Jimmy Choo shoe (Amanda)

    christening gown, oil painting of a young girl, an old diary (Steve)

  2. a schoolbag; a big fat bumble bee and a slice of heaven

    1. Like it! A slice of heaven...hmm... Thanks, Gail.

  3. How fun!
    A keychain, a debit card, and almond milk

  4. This sounds like Mark Twain's game he would play with his family. Let's see, a Christmas tree, a cardinal and a cat.

  5. a dog biscuit, a radiator key and a tea bag (LinsP, cloud)

  6. the eight of hearts card, a mouse and a broken piece of Roman pottery (hil - cloud)

  7. The suggestions are coming in faster now - thanks everyone!!

  8. A pair of boots with a mind of their own, a gibbous moon, a rock that lost its way.

  9. black squirrels, a trampoline, and a bookbag

  10. The dinosaur's egg, the fair ground and the penguin.

  11. I'm liking these later suggestions...thanks Mr P, Benita and Sophie! But it's not up to me...will hand all of these over to the rest of the Hetzels to make their choice... *bites fingernails in anticipation*