Tuesday, 29 October 2013

When writing hurts!

This is necessarily short today - I have a writing injury!

I spent quite a while yesterday typing up what is tentatively titled 'A Stitch in Time' - my offering for the next charity anthology by the short stories group.

Today, I can barely move my wrist.

The trouble is, I'm a petite lady. We've recently bought new mice for the computers and they are just too big for my hand. I think some research is in order, to try to find a flatter mouse...

...and I will have to give intensive writing sessions a miss for a few days.

Not happy. Not happy at all...


  1. I can relate to this. I now work from a Mac without a mouse. The control panel is so easy to use and I have saved myself from a lot of writing pain. You can also buy mouse pads with a gel support for your wrist. I recommend these.

    1. Hubby rolled up a tea-towel to stick under my wrist this morning, but it didn't feel right. Will have to look for the gel support mouse pads - thanks for the heads up on them. Also remembered, later in the day, that I'd done some knitting yesterday, so that could have aggravated things.

      I've spent the day reading through Rurik instead of writing...and tomorrow, he goes to an agent or two...