Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A little bit of flash - Fever.

38 degrees.
The doctor said it was nothing to worry about, probably just a virus. Keep him off school.

41.2 degrees
Another visit to the doctor. Unusual for the fever to have spiked so quickly, but it would pass. Keep giving the magic medicine.

43.6 degrees
Convulsions. Flashing blue lights clear our route to the hospital.

45.8 degrees
Medical staff surround the bed. Sponging with cold water does nothing to bring the temperature down. My boy…

47.7 degrees
The plastic sheet on the mattress has begun to melt and stick to his body. A nurse whispers ‘is it another one?’

49.1 degrees
It shouldn’t be possible – he’s hanging on, but god knows how. We can do nothing but listen to his ragged breaths and the bip bip bip of the monitor.

50.3 degrees

4 degrees
Autopsy Report.
Initial examination of the deceased showed a viscous grey liquid seeping from the nasal cavity. On opening the skull, it appeared that the brain had melted. Fifth recorded death with identical symptoms.

This is a new locus of infection; twenty three pupils from the deceased’s school, seven members of hospital staff and the child’s parents are already displaying elevated temperatures.


  1. Frightening indeed, very gripping X

  2. Oh wow - that was awful to read (not the writing, but what happened!)

    1. Thanks, Tamsin - this piece has provoked quite a strong reaction from readers previously...

  3. Gosh I thought that was a real account for a moment! I couldn't stop reading! Love your writing style.

    1. Aw, thanks Kama! Means a lot when folk say they like my writing...