Friday, 12 July 2013

As one door closes...

Today, I left my job.

I've been working part-time as a learning support assistant in a primary school for just over three years, but my association with the school goes back ten, to when my daughter first started there and I offered to help in her class. My son followed - as did several different roles on the PSA, helping in the library, going on trips, etc etc.

At the leaver's assembly, (I was one of seven staff members leaving or retiring) some very kind words were said which brought tears to my eyes and I was given a beautiful rose bush and a very heavy present. Now, knowing that I do a great impression of Rudolph whenever I'm teary, I deigned not to open the pressie until I got home...just in case.

Most of my colleagues know that part of the reason I've left is to write; their present couldn't have been more perfect. I received a fabulous satchel, packed with the following;

Six notebooks - four lined, one plain (they know I like drawing too) and one full of scriptural quotes with plenty of space to add my own thoughts. Each book is beautifully decorated and completely unique - one with butterflies and birds, one with fabric clouds (!!), one with an Indian theme, one with leaves, one with flowers. And they are all different sizes too - from handbag size to A4.
Pad of sticky notes
A propelling pencil
A dozen coloured pencils
Half a dozen sketching pencils
A box of HB pencils
A LAMY fountian pen.

I was, to put it mildly, overwhelmed; I cried for ten minutes.

I have no excuse not to write now, do I?


  1. What a thoghtful and heart-warming gift - no excuses, no (but how many folk know that insistence by a beautiful notebook that it is made to ONLY contain a masterpiece?)

  2. What a great present and great send-off, Squidge. Perhaps those notebooks, when they're full of your writing, will be sold at auction at some future time for enormous sums due to your coming fame! Write on!

  3. Aww, Squidgers. That was so very thoughtful! Here's to lots of productivity come September! xxx Abi

  4. It's lovely that you are so affected by the generosity of others, Squidgeling! Now I shall look forward to an epic tome! x Steve