Saturday, 27 July 2013

Challenge me!

On the Word Cloud, there are a few friendly competitions, run by the cloudies. Every month, there is a new challenge, set by the cloudie who won the previous month's comp. And because everyone is unique in what and how they write, you get a wide variety of challenges set. This month, for example, we had 350 words to play with, and the piece had to include a raised hand.

I've also taken part in the Job Centre Challenge - we had to choose a job from a list, and when the participants had chosen, only then were we given a further set of parameters to work with.

So, I thought - why not try it on here?

You, blog reader, if you want to take part, need to give me three items in a comment. (Please bear in mind I reserve the right to delete unsavoury suggestions, according to my own view.) I will pick one at random (or get Mr Squidge to pick one for me) and write a short piece, max 500 words, to post in the future.

What do you reckon? Want to see what I can come up with? Comment before the 2nd August and I will produce something by the 9th. *rubs hands with glee*

Over to you...


  1. An elephant, a rubber glove and a large brass gong. Double points if you do it in 250 words :-)

  2. A vial of holy water from Lourdes, a twenty-year-old news article (1993) and the number 7

  3. Snowflake



  4. A rubber duck; a sapphire and a pint of milk

  5. A bottle of paracetamol

    A rabbit

    A thunderstorm

  6. A cold cup of tea, the British Museum and a shopping trolley

  7. :) Knew you'd come up with some corkers!! Thanks to everyone so far - keep 'em coming!

  8. Beetroot; scrabble tile letter K; second-hand wetsuit.

    1. This has to be the toughest one yet...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I removed it as I made a spelling mistake *blushes* - I was meant to say - Some of these have made me giggle already... good luck with the challenge! (I typed in good like the first time round.)

  11. Great idea, Katherine. My 3 are: a long wooly scarf, an etch-a-sketch and burnt toast :-)

  12. On behalf of Sarah, the daughter of a friend of mine, posted originally on Facebook...

    'Ok Sarah's list is: a snowman, a flying elephant and a kiwi.'

    (I have promised that I'll write Sarah a story of her own if her list isn't picked by Mr Squidge. I do write for children, after all...)

  13. As if you haven't got enough to go on already, Squidge. My three are, a cowboy hat, a zimmer frame and a rocking horse. Good luck. x