Friday, 5 July 2013

What does Teddy do while you're at school?

I'm a learning support assistant at a local primary school, but as the Y6 child I work with was at their induction day at senior school, today I helped in a Y2 class instead.

The topic was 'bears', and the writing task was 'What does your teddy do at home when you are at school?' The little girl I was supporting insisted that I filled in a sheet; in fact, she brought me two, and started me off on the one with the closest lines so I'd have to write more!

Her teddy was 'very very good and like a aynjel. And reads books.'

Here's what mine gets up to...

'My teddy is called Bunny. He is very old. He has patchwork trousers and a pink waistcoat. He sleeps in a cupboard, but when I'm at school, I think he plays with my cat.
They play chase and hide-and-seek, and for lunch Bunny has lettuce and tomato sandwiches while Timmy (the cat) has tuna.
They like colouring. Bunny draws green fields and trees, but Timmy makes paw print patterns. When they are tired, they like to read books. They like Peepo best as it rhymes and there are pictures to look at.'

So, tell me - what does teddy do while you are 'at school'?

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  1. Well my teddy Wellington plays with Aly (the dog), I find him in all sorts of strange places. He seems to like chewing things up if I go out for too long. Well it must be him, afterall he is the one lying by whatever has been chewed, looking guilty.