Thursday, 11 July 2013

Unfinished business

Have decided today - I'm the world's worst 'finisher'.

I'm sitting in my lounge, looking at two unfinished knitting projects and a ball of wool to start a third, a bag of ties to turn into purses and bags, a pile of ironing that I started two days ago, the paper copy of Rurik that is staring at me (waiting to have a couple of scenes sorted), and the rough list of flowers for the flower festival in August that needs to be finalised.

Years ago, when I was working full-time, I used to be really good at organising myself; we were trained in the use of the TimeSystem, where every large activity was listed as separate, achievable goals and each mini-step was allocated a completion date. I still have the planner, but found it was too big to cart around with nappy bags, children's toys, changes of clothes, etc. Although I still have all the different planning sheets, I rather got out of the habit of using the system for anything other than meeting notes.

Nowadays, I tend to just use a notebook and have a rolling list of 'things-to-do', trying to kid myself I'm on top of things. Problem is, I leave the stuff on the list that I know really needs to be done, and add other things I've done but probably shouldn't have, purely for the satisfaction of crossing something off.

I think I need to sort my planning out if I want to stand any chance of completing yesterday's list...

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