Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Am I doing it wrong?

Found something today that made me think. 

Thanks to a blog on the Word Cloud, I followed a link to Terrible Minds, the blog of Chuck Wendig. His post today is about being an 'aspiring' writer...and if you are, you might be doing it wrong. 

Now, I've called myself exactly that...heck, even the subtitle of this blog is 'blog of wannabe author, Katherine Hetzel'. Aspiring, wannabe - same difference. 

So I had a look at Chuck's list and this jumped out at me:

If you always find an excuse why you’re not writing, then UR DOIN’ IT RONG.

And to push the point further, while nosing round his site, this is the advert for one of his books, 500 ways to tell a better story:

Here are the two states in which you might exist: Person who writes, or person who does not. 
If you write: you are a writer. If you do not write: you are not.
Aspiring is a meaningless null state that romanticises not writing.
It's as ludicrous as saying, "I aspire to pick up that piece of paper which fell on the floor."
Either pick it up or don't.

Ouch. Bit close to home, that.

If you see the subtitle of this blog change - you'll know why.

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