Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Medusa Medallion

One of the ideas for the blog challenge today is 'online shopping'; the Etsy site was mentioned as a source of ideas. Now, I happen to have a cloudie friend who is an incredibly talented artist, who is selling some exquisite handmade pendants and brooches. Check out some of her other designs here. Anyway, as she's selling on Etsy, I thought I would use one of her creations to write a very short, short story for my post today. Here 'tis...

The Medusa Medallion.

I nearly missed it, buried as it was at the bottom of the box among a tangled knot of broken chains and skittering loose beads. I'd reached for the moonstone, wondering what could glow so brightly in the dark recesses of the broken casket. When I picked it out, she followed.

Was it just a trick that made the snakes appear to writhe and coil around her green face, their tiny eyes glittering in the lamplight? I know she glared at me for disturbing her slumber, one eye all-seeing, the other an empty crystal orb. 

I took her to the window to examine my find, where I saw her delicate features caressed by repulsive reptiles. Such beauty, wrapped in a nightmare. She hung loose from the chain I'd wrapped around my fingers, twisting around slowly until she faced me again.

The moonstone beneath her chin glowed; I saw it, but did not understand.    

Not until I felt my body stiffening. 


  1. Ooooh! Like it :-)

  2. That was lovely, Squidge, my fav bits, she glared at me for disturbing her slumber - Such beauty, wrapped in a nightmare.